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Rooivalk Attack Helicopter (AH-2A) is a Denel product. Denel Aeronautics a subsidiary of the Denel is the Design Authority and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Denel Aeronautics designed, developed, qualified, certified and produced this indigenous system.

As an OEM, Denel Aeronautics continues to be responsible for all the functions on the system, including:

  • Programme and contract management
  • Engineering Support
  • Continued Airworthiness
  • Servicing’s and Maintenance

Rooivalk fleet of twelve (12) is in service with the South African Air Force (SAAF). The recent successes of Rooivalk in its role as Combat Support Helicopter (CSH) as it participated in peacekeeping missions in the continent (Africa) have once again proved that Rooivalk is a significant product with considerable role to play in combat situations, providing unrivalled firepower, mobility and protection from the air. The Rooivalk provides the military commander day, night and adverse conditions capabilities capability to apply heavy, mobile firepower through 20 mm Turreted Gun, 70 mm Rockets and possible Air-To-Ground Missiles, and Air-To-Air Missiles.

Denel Aeronautics is gearing up for an imminent Upgrade Programme of the CSH, whose implementation shall be through a phased approach, which will be based on the current baseline commonly referred to as Mk1; addressing obsolescence, introducing upgraded or new weapon systems, defensive aids and avionics, remodelling the support system and addressing reindustrialisation.

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