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Assembly Facility

Activities at the Assembly Facility include the assembly of conventional metallic airframes, as well as metal-to-composite assemblies.

The Assembly Facility team comprises +/-50 people. Dedicated teams are on hand to handle the assembly of aerostructures. Personnel are experts in their field, specialising in in-jig and sub-assembly building, special fasteners (blind hucks, hi-locks and cherry rivets), sealing, electrical bonding and corrosion protection. All of these are performed to customer specifications. Staff are trained at international centres of excellence in terms of procedures and technologies. This commitment to continuous development of personnel and skills ensures that Denel Aerostructures’ personnel always make use of the very latest technologies in aircraft and systems production.

Typical assembly activities at the Facility comprise assembly of control surfaces (such as stabilisers, tail planes, flaps, air brakes and pylons) all the way through to that of entire fuselage structures.

The Facility has a total structural assembly capability including:

  • Metallic sub-assemblies, i.e. Main Rotor Heads, Swash Plates, etc.
  • Prototype through to full-scale aircraft structures and industrialisation
  • Assembly Line

Assembly Line

Currently Aerostructure Manufacturing assemble sub and main assemblies for the following OEM's:

  • US Business Jet
  • GKN

A Semi-Automatic C Frame riveter was also installed with a reach of 2m.

StructuralUp to 7m 
EmpennagesComposite/Metallic           "
Tail unitsComposite/Metallic "
Elevators/Tabs/Flaps Composite/Metallic "
AirbrakesComposite/Metallic "
Wing TipsComposite/Metallic "
Small to Medium aircraft structures        Composite/Metallic "
Fairings/CowlingsComposite/Metallic "
Rooivalk fuel tank
Composite/Metallic "
MechanicalBetween 0.5m and 3m
Small complex critical assembliesComposite/Metallic"
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