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Special Processes Facility

The Special Processes Facility comprises of the following four departments:

  • Heat treatment
  • Surface treatment
  • Abrasive blasting & NDT
  • Painting

The heat treatment department caters for both steel and aluminium treatments. Surface treatment includes a vast range of processes, conversion and electrochemical treatments for parts up to 6m in size.

The shot blasting area of the Special Processes Facility can perform tasks from glass bead peening to CNC shot peening. Denel Aerostructures NDT capability ranges from performing dye penetrant to magnetic particle and radio graphic testing.

The Special Processes Facility manpower team comprises 60 people. All personnel are trained and specialists in their respected fields. Additional training is provided during industrialisation of new products.

Surface Treatment

Refurbished and upgraded Phase 1 of the surface treatment area in order to manage larger parts through these facilities.

Qualified facility for the processing of Airbus A400M Top Shells (Chromic Anodising).

Surface Treatment Capability

Metallic Manufacturing - Aluminium, Steel and Other

Aluminium    Qty      Length (mm)       Width (mm)       Depth (mm)
Tartaric Sulphuric 1 8000 1000 3000
Chrome Anodizing 1 10000 750 2000
Chrome Anodizing 1 5300 700 2000
Sulphuric Anodizing 1 6000 800 2000
Pickling Processing 1 8000 1000 3000
Chromate Conversion       
Coating 1 1900 1000 2000
Hard Anodizing 1 1000 400 800
Chemical Milling 1 450 800 600

Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium      Qty       Length (mm)      Width (mm)      Depth (mm)  
Cadium Plating 1 2000 1000 1600
Titanium Plating 1 400 400 600
Passivation Stainless Steel 1 1200 440 800
Passivation Stainless Steel 1 600 600 600

Mechanical Processes        Qty       Length (mm)       Width (mm)       Depth (mm)   
Glass Peening 1 1000 1500 800

Aluminium Heat Treatment

This semi–automated aluminium solution treatment furnace has the ability to manage large panel parts. The furnace has dedicated cooling water support and has an operating temperature range of 500° to 550°C (Max = 600°C).

Furnace 41 Furnace 17
Range 0-550°C Range 0-400°C
Maximum 550°C Maximum 400°C
Part Size 5.35m x 2m height x 1.1m width           Part Size 4.6m x 1.65m height x 1m width

Non-Destructive Testing

Facility capable of the following testing:

  • Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • Die Penetrant Eddy Current
  • X-Ray - Real Time
  • Ultrasonic Testing

Core Capabilities

Heat Treatment Capability

Metallic Manufacturing – Aluminium, Steel and Other.

Aluminium   Qty       X-Axis (mm)       Y-Axis (mm)      Z-Axis (mm)   
Solution Treatment
Furnace 1 7000 3000 2000
Furnace ageing/stress     
Relieving 1 7000 3000 2000

Paint Shop Booths            Booth 1      Booth 2       Booth 3   
Length 7m 7m 7,8m
Height 3,2m 2,8m 3,2m
Width 4m 4m 4,3m

Drying Tunnel Spray Curtains (Qty 4)
Length 24m Length  2,8m
Height 2,3m Height 2m
Width 2,5m                          Width 0.5m

Ovens (Qty 3)

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