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Machining Facility
Denel Aerostructures Machining Facility consists of a main NC machining department where machining of all major parts takes place, as well as two dedicated machining cells (one for main rotor head parts and the other for pylon parts). A jig boring department and conventional machining department complete the facility.

The Machining Facilitys staff complement comprises 90 people. Personnel are trained and experienced in operating the machines. Intensive additional training is provided during commissioning of new machines.

Parts machined in the facility range from the extremely complex such as main rotor hubs, swash-plates, pylon sole plates and rear fuselage frames, to simple brackets. Denel Aerostructures also operates a number of high speed 5-axis NC machines.

Machining Capability

5 Axis N.C. Milling    Qty        X-Axis (mm)       Y-Axis (mm)      Z-Axis (mm)   
Deckel Maho DMU 80 P            2 700 650 650
Deckel Maho DMU 125 2 1100 800 800
Starrag ZT 800 1 1600 1000 1320
Zimmerman FZ37 2 4500 3000 1500
Zimmerman FZ37 1 6500 3000 1500

70kw High Speed Spindle 24000 RPM.

3 Axis N.C. Milling    Qty       X-Axis (mm)       Y-Axis (mm)       Z-Axis (mm)   
Leadwell V40 7 1000 500 650
Leadwell LBV 3215         2 3000 1500 800
Leadwell LBV 5229 2 5000 3000 1000

Conventional Machines       Qty       X-Axis (mm)       Y-Axis (mm)       Z-Axis (mm)   
Milling Machines 5   Various sizes   Various sizes   Various sizes
Lathes 1   With copy attachments     With copy attachments       With copy attachments   
Grinders: Internal 1
External 1
Surface 1
Jig 1
Centre less 1

Jig Boring          Qty       X-Axis (mm)      Y-Axis (mm)       Z-Axis (mm)   
SIP 700 1 1500 800 1300
SIP 640 1 1000 800 1300 FULL NC

Machining Plant Capability

Product Type - Aluminium            Size
NC Parts Up to 800 mm x 300mm
5 Axis DMU Up to 800mm x 800mm
3 Axis Parts (Long Beds) Up to 5m x 2,5m
Large 5 Axis Parts Up to 6m x 2,5m
CMS 5 Axis Router 3m x 18m


South Africa Supplier Base

Conventional Machining - no special processes:

Cliffsway, Dailiff, MicroMax, Panonia.

Swarf and Water Management System

Semi-automated management of all swarf generated by the NC milling operations within the main machining area. Additional to this capability, manage the cooling temperature of the cutting fluid utilised in all the equipment.

NC–Milling Machines - 3 & 5 Axis

Have the capability to mill most aerostructures components. Recent accomplishments include the machining of a Rib–D (prototype) for the Airbus programme.

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